Create videos (linux)

Directly from screen capture

Use xvidcap

example: xvidcap --fps 16 --time 10.0 --cap_geometry 160X120 --file anim.mpg

Based on a sequence of images

use ffmpeg to generate various formats such as mpg

example: ffmpeg -b 100000 -r 16 -i out%03d.jpg video.avi

To generate an animated gif

To convert your images to gif, you can use the convert tool from the imagemagick package

example: convert img.jpg img.gif

To convert large sets of images, you can use Gilles Debunne's Apply script.

example: Apply convert @ out#.gif to out#.jpg converts the out*.jpg files to corresponding gif files

Use gifsicle to convert the sequence of gif static images to a single animated gif file.

example: gifsicle --colors 256 --delay 6 --loop *.gif > anim.gif