3D modeling and animation of animals from video and sketches

Contacts: Dr. Franck Hétroy and Dr. Lionel Reveret



This thesis deals with geometric modeling and 3D animation of animals. A lot of work has been done in computer graphics to model and animate natural scenes such as oceans, forests or prairies. However, these scenes often remain empty of wildlife, although for some applications such as computer games or animation movies modeling and animating animals can be mandatory. In this thesis, we want to generate a structured and animatable representation of animals, starting from heterogeneous 2D data (anatomical plates, sketches, videos, etc), combined with 3D data (scanned anatomical skeletons, mesh models). In particular, we aim at detecting characteristic features of the animal, in order to match all types of input data. Moreover, our representation should be simple enough to be able to create a large range of models, simply by modifying a few parameters. The generated 3D structure will need to be linked to controlable parameters so that realistic 3D animation could be performed.

Prerequisites: Candidates must be autonomous in OpenGL and C++ programming. Basic knowledge in computer graphics (3D modeling, animation, rendering) is required.

This PhD position is granted by the VISITOR European project.
Candidates should check their eliginility and apply according to the guidelines in: http://www.inrialpes.fr/movi/pub/Visitor/