An Energy-Based Approach for Contact Force Computation

Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics), Volume 16, page 357--366 - Sep 1996
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A new approach for computing resting contact forces between solids is presented, which handles both static and sliding friction, while avoiding the problems arising from previous approaches. Each iteration provides values for all unknowns and needs a constant computation time. The first iteration is a global dynamic solution involving inertia and external forces. The subsequent iterations consist of global redistributions of energy through the solids in order to restrict the values within correct bounds, leading to a progressive refinement of the solution. This allows the termination of the computation when a user-defined level of precision is reached. Convergence is proven in the frictionless case. The method is concise and is easily usable in a motion control system. It was implemented and tested on some examples involving simultaneously static and sliding friction along with motion control.

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