Interaction Capture and Synthesis

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH conference), Volume 25, page 872--880 - 2006
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Modifying motion capture to satisfy the constraints of new animation is difficult when contact is involved, and a critical problem for animation of hands. The compliance with which a character makes contact also reveals important aspects of the movement's purpose. We present a new technique called interaction capture, for capturing these contact phenomena. We capture contact forces at the same time as motion, at a high rate, and use both to estimate a nominal reference trajectory and joint compliance. Unlike traditional methods, our method estimates joint compliance without the need for motorized perturbation devices. New interactions can then be synthesized by physically based simulation. We describe a novel position-based linear complementarity problem formulation that includes friction, breaking contact, and the compliant coupling between contacts at different fingers. The technique is validated using data from previous work and our own perturbation-based estimates.

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