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G-P. Bonneau.
Multiresolution analysis on irregular surface meshes.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 4:365-378, 1998.

G-P. Bonneau.
An introduction to wavelets for scientific visualization.
In Scientific Visualization, pages 16-22. IEEE CS Press, 1999.

G-P. Bonneau and S. Hahmann.
Polyhedral modelling.
In IEEE Proceedings Visualization'00, pages 381-387, Salt-Lake City, 2000.

Jean Combaz and Fabrice Neyret.
Painting folds using expansion textures.
In Pacific Graphics, october 2002.

Gilles Debunne, Mathieu Desbrun, Marie-Paule Cani, and Alan H. Barr.
Dynamic real-time deformations using space and time adaptive sampling.
In Computer Graphics, Aug 2001.
SIGGRAPH'01 Conference Proceedings.

François Faure.
Fast iterative refinement of articulated solid dynamics.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 5(3):268-276, jul 1999.

Eric Ferley, Marie-Paule Cani, and Jean-Dominique Gascuel.
Practical volumetric sculpting.
the Visual Computer, 16(8):469-480, dec 2000.
A preliminary version of this paper appeared in Implicit Surfaces'99, Bordeaux, France, sept 1999.

Eric Ferley, Marie-Paule Cani, and Jean-Dominique Gascuel.
Resolution adaptive volume sculpting.
Graphical Models (GMOD), march 2002.
Special Issue on Volume Modelling.

Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Marie-Paule Cani, Mathieu Desbrun, Eric Leroy, and Carola Mirgon.
Simulating landslides for natural disaster prevention.
In 9th Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation (EGCAS'98), Sep 1998.

Thomas Di Giacomo, Stéphane Capo, and François Faure.
An interactive forest.
In Marie-Paule Cani, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, and Daniel Thalmann, editors, Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation, pages 65-74. Springer, sept. 2001.

S. Hahmann and G-P. Bonneau.
Polynomial surfaces interpolating arbitrary triangulations.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, to appear, 2002.

Damien Hinsinger, Fabrice Neyret, and Marie-Paule Cani.
Interactive animation of ocean waves.
In Symposium on Computer Animation, july 2002.

Sylvain Lefebvre and Fabrice Neyret.
Synthesizing bark.
In 13th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 2002.

Jean-Christophe Lombardo, Marie-Paule Cani, and Fabrice Neyret.
Real-time collision detection for virtual surgery.
In Computer Animation'99, May 1999.

Alexandre Meyer and Fabrice Neyret.
Multiscale shaders for the efficient realistic rendering of pine-trees.
In Graphics Interface, pages 137-144. Canadian Information Processing Society, Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, May 2000.

Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret, and Pierre Poulin.
Interactive rendering of trees with shading and shadows.
In Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, Jul 2001.

Fabrice Neyret and Marie-Paule Cani.
Pattern-based texturing revisited.
Computer Graphics, pages 235-242, Aug 1999.
SIGGRAPH'99 Conference Proceedings.

Fabrice Neyret, Raphael Heiss, and Franck Senegas.
Realistic rendering of an organ surface in real-time for laparoscopic surgery simulation.
the Visual Computer, 18(3):135-149, may 2002.

Fabrice Neyret and Nathalie Praizelin.
Phenomenological simulation of brooks.
In Computer Animation and Simulation, pages 53-64. Eurographics, Springer, Sep 2001.
Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation, Manchester.

Frank Perbet and Marie-Paule Cani.
Animating prairies in real-time.
In ACM Interactive 3D Graphics, USA, Mar 2001.

Eric Plante, Marie-Paule Cani, and Pierre Poulin.
A layered wisp model for simulating interactions inside long hair.
In Computer Animation and Simulation 2001, Computer Science, sep 2001.
Proceedings of the EG workshop of Animation and Simulation.

L. Reveret, G. Bailly, and P. Badin.
Mother: A new generation of talking heads providing a flexible articulatory control for video-realistic speech animation.
In Proc. of the 6th Int. Conference on Spoken Language Processing, ICSLP'2000, Beijing, China, Oct. 16-20 2000.

L. Reveret and C. Benoit.
A new 3d lip model for analysis and synthesis of lip motion in speech production.
In Proc. of the Second ESCA Workshop on Audio-Visual Speech Processing, AVSP'98, Terrigal, Australia, Dec. 4-6 1998.

L. Reveret and I. Essa.
Visual coding and tracking of speech related facial motion.
In Proc. of Workshop on Cues in Communication, held in Conjunction with IEEE CVPR 2001, also available as Georgia Tech, GVU Center Tech Report No. GIT-GVU-TR-01-16, Kauai, Hawaii, December 2001.

Cyril Soler, Marie-Paule Cani, and Alexis Angelidis.
Hierarchical pattern mapping.
In SIGGRAPH'02 Conference Proceedings, July 2002.
to appear.

Dan Stora, Pierre-Olivier Agliati, Marie-Paule Cani, Fabrice Neyret, and Jean-Dominique Gascuel.
Animating lava flows.
In Graphics Interface (GI'99) Proceedings, pages 203-210, Jun 1999.

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