OpenMask and OpenGL

The Animation

In this chapter,we try to explain how we can draw an object in OpenGL directly.

Download this file and uncompress : OpenGLMask.tar.gz (tested on Mandrake 9.1)

The Method

Details of the archive :
      main.cxx                                   //A classic OpenMask main file
      PsXEventHandler.h                          //Files which contain the mouse and keyboard events
      PsvOpenGLParamSensitiveInputHandler.h      //Files which contain the OpenGL code
      PsParam.h                                  //Files which contain parameters for the OpenGL object
      scene.OpenMASK3                            //The OpenMask simulation tree
      1Window_1Viewport.3DVis.OpenMASK3                                   //Generate the Makefile

The Result

Compile and see the animation. As you can see a polygon is turning round and its color change.
To quit the application press the escape button.

On your console you can see :

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