Master courses

I began working on clouds during my DEA (graduate program focused on research, equivalent to a M.Sc.), by studying an article by Dobashi et. al., with three of my classmates.

For the Natural Phenomena courses of the DEA Informatique Fondamentale et Applications of Marne-la-Vallée University, we studied the article "A Simple, Efficient Method for Realistic Animation of Clouds" by Yoshinori Dobashi, Kazufumi Kaneda, Hideo Yamashita, Tsuyoshi Okita, et Tomoyuki Nishita.

We created a computer program reproducing the methods described in the article, that is to say, we re-created what the authors did from the article. The only difference is that we didn't implement a few points, and we didn't have the time to generate as "eye candy" videos as that of the authors. The program allows the user to create clouds and to see them evolve as much real-time and interactive as possible. It has been tested under Windows 2000, Linux and MacOS X.

The video shows a demonstration of execution of the program.

Our report (in french) contains an explanation of the article, a summary of what we did (and did not) do, and a critics of the article.

Internship / Master's thesis

I continued working on clouds during my internship in EVASION, with Fabrice Neryet. The aim of this work was to obtain a real-time, realistic cumulus clouds rendering model by applying the model of Gardner using shaders. (see complete subject - in french)

Since this shader needed a surface to be applied on, I began by trying to find a geometric model of a cumulus cloud during the first two months of my internship. This led to my first publications :
Eurographics (short papers) - august 2004

I then worked on the shader itself. There is no publication about that for the moment, but there sure will be one one day ! In the meantime, the current results are described in my Master's thesis. It's in french, but even if you don't know this beautiful language, you can still look at the images and steal a bit of code:
Master thesis from Université de Marne la Vallée - septembre 2004



I have now threee years to continue what I began during my internship, that is : to find a model for the modeling, the animation and the rendering of cumulus clouds, that will be both realistic and real-time... Wish me good luck !