Fabrice NEYRET

CNRS senior researcher, in Computer Graphics.
Head of MAVERICK team (ex ARTIS-EVASION , ex-iMAGIS), a team of the LJK/ IMAG laboratory and a INRIA Rhone-Alpes project, France.
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Personnal page. You can find there:
   SF short stories (in French), my bugs gallery, and my others galleries, selected photos and blog of bizarre photographies;
   and also the pages of Grenoble Sciences & Citizens Cafés (in French) and of Observatoire Zététique (French skeptics) comprising my own texts.
   My real images bank (public access).
   My image bank (local acces only).
   "Unsolved problems in Computer Graphics" - "How to get Rejected" and other debates.
   webGLSL tricks and compatibility issues.
   Some demos.
   Tutorial for initiation into game programming MobiNet (level: high school).
   Proland, "the open realistical Google-Eart" :-). Double-licencing.
   Gigavoxels, the open plateform ofor GPU rendering of very large and detailled scenes
(in construction -> see also the hero's page).
   Others inhouse tools
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E-mail : Adresse : Maverick / LJK - INRIA ZIRST, 655 avenue de l'Europe
                38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin - FRANCE
Fax : +33 (0)4 76 61 54 40
Secretariat :    76 61 54 26
(NB: I strongly prefer being contacted by email)