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Fabrice NEYRET   - Maverick team, LJK, at INRIA-Montbonnot (Grenoble)


Procedural noise like Perlin noise allows movies and video game artists to generate on the fly very detailed natural-looking stochastic textures, or even volumetric density fields. Alas they are uneasy to control finely. In particular, many real-world textures are anisotropic (see images above), which requires to specify varying stretch amount and direction everywhere. Some way more costly methods like Gabor noise give more control, but generally in the aim of generating homogeneous fields, unlike the examples above. And when it come to animation ( e.g. solar flares, exploding nebula ) nothing usable is available.

Description of the subject

In the purpose of synthesizing in real-time animated large stochastic structures as above, either 2D or volumetric, we propose to explore a mix of Perlin and Gabor models, taking the best of each, in a spirit cousin to Local Random-Phase Noise : The idea is to replace the Perlin wavelet at nodes of the hierarchical grid by Gabor kernels. One difficulties is to preserve properties during animation. For instance, motion along the direction of the Gabor sine is trivial, by animating the phase, but the orthogonal direction is way more challenging. Early tests can be seen in shadertoy.