Postdoctoral position:
"Lazy multiscale matter distribution and lighting for realistic walkthrough the galaxy in real-time"

1-2 year Postdoctoral position
at Grenoble, France, at INRIA

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The field of Computer Graphics has some Graals such as photorealism with complex light effects and materials, construction and rendering of very detailled scenes, real-time exploration of very large scenes, amplification (beautification) of coarse fluid or light simulations, seamless merging of controled and automatic data, etc. The realistic realtime walktrough detailled galaxies somehow gathers all of these. Galaxies intertwin a quasi-fluid of heterogeneous stars and fractal opaque filaments of dust clouds which hide, semi-hide or are illuminated by star clusters or singular stars.
A key strategy to tackle such mass-based data while preserving real-time and realism is the design of scalable lazy (i.e. minimal) representations and algorithms, able to encode directly the visual phenomenas emerging from the sub-pixel scale, and taking advantage of all available a priori knowledge such as conformance to statistic handles and parameterized distributions. As such, it corresponds to the design of pre-filterable models of mass distributions (here stars, semi-transparent and opaque dust clouds) and lighting effects (here, emission, absorption and scattering of a distribution of stars in dust clouds). The difficulty is to be able to transition seamlessly through scales (and thus different such models), and to interpolate seamlessly in space and time.

Beside a large experience of scalable models, our team also offers the
Gigavoxels environment dedicated to the real-time (GPU-accelerated) walkthrough large detailled data relying of just-in time minimal-resolution voxel generation using user-provided producers and shaders (with developpers at hand). Moreover, we collaborate with astrophysicists providing knowledge, data, and statistics, and also a coarse animated simulation of the galaxy.


Applying to this position : see HERE