A General and Multiscale Model for Volumetric Textures

(Fabrice Neyret)

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This paper presents an important extension of the volumetric textures introduced by Kajiya in 1989. Volumetric textures are used to model complex geometries (such as foliage, fur, ...) on a textural way, by mapping a 'thick skin' made of a repetitive pattern (the texel) covering a simple surface.
Like for the Kajiya's implementation, our model code the reference volume with voxels, which contain in addition to the density an illumination model. (Even if we are far from a waved iron-sheet, it don't look like a flat sheet: shapes can be approximated, but reflectance behavior are different.)
The extension lais in a quite generic illumination coding, and more, in the ability of the model to be 'smoothed', so that the representation is similar to the mip-map 2D-textures coding. Thus, it is now possible to compute quite quickly and with low aliasing very complicated scene, the details being represented adaptatively.

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