Local Illumination in Deformed Space

(Fabrice Neyret)

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This technical report deals with spacial objects deformation by curving rays in place of building deformed object.
- Very complex objects can contain more primitives than pixels on screen.
- Objects have usually to be converted into facets before deforming. One cannot keep implicit function or CSG models after the deformation.
These problems disappear if one doesnot need to explicitely build the result, by bringing at rendering time the ray in the initial object space. We propose a simple algorithm to follow curved rays across structured space (voxels, grids), for small deformations. We also deal with local illumination changes due to the deformation. Texels can be considered as spacial deformation; we detail the deformation method for this particular representation.

The paper in Postscript format (210 Kb) or PDF (415 Ko).

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