Trimmed Textures

(Fabrice Neyret)

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This technical report deals with the problem of texture boundaries: there is no reason for the limits of an homogeneous matter area (forest, lake...) traced by a designer to correspond to the edges of the geometry. However, classical mapping techniques define the texture by the interpolation of the (u,v) values given at the vertices, and by a texture number given for a set of faces. The classical solution to the free choice of limits thus consists in trimming the geometry along these limits in order to only have homogeneous faces. This can complexify the mesh and decrease its quality. This is a 3D solution to a 2D problem, thus not very satisfactory. We propose to associate to the faces covered by more than one material polygonized 2D curves, allowing for minimal computation.

The paper in Postscript format (563 Kb) or PDF (270 Ko).

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