Textures Volumiques pour la Synthese d'Images

PhD defended in June 1996

(Fabrice Neyret)

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Volumetric textures, introduced by Kajiya and Kay in 1989, aims at modeling complex geometries by creating a `volumetric skin' in the neighborhood of a surface. This skin is composed of a repeated and deformed pattern, as it is for a classical texture. We have transformed this expensive method designed to model fur into a general, user-friendly and efficient tool, that is able to model, animate and render complex repetitive geometries such as foliage, grass, forest, fur, etc... Our representation is volumetric, multiscale, and encodes a reflectance function in each voxel. This allows us to use only the information that is necessary to obtain an image. This one is thus computed quickly and without aliasing, using a single ray per pixel.
We show also how to convert existing representations into volumes, how to map volumetric textures, and how to integrate the rendering into the standart ray-tracing algorithm.

The PhD thesis (in french) in Postscript (15 Mo) ( without color images: : 1.4 Mo) or PDF (4 Mo).

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