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Work on textures done at iMAGIS (artis+evasion)
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Work on textures done at iMAGIS

fluid textures
        flow noise
participants: Ken Perlin, Fabrice Neyret.
publi: Flow Noise (Perlin,Neyret) Siggraph'01 Technical Sketches and Applications, Aug 2001.
        advected textures
participants: Fabrice Neyret.
publi: Advected Textures (Neyret) SCA'03, July 2002.

texture mapping without distortion, discontinuity or periodicity
        Aperiodic triangular tilings
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Marie-Paule Cani.
publi: Pattern-Based Texturing Revisited (Neyret,Cani) Siggraph'99, august 1999.
        Virtual atlases
participants: Marie-Paule Cani, Cyril Soler.
publi: Hierarchical Pattern Mapping (Soler, Cani, Angelidis) Siggraph'02, July 2002.

animated natural textures
        lava crust solidification
participant: Fabrice Neyret.
publi: Animating Lava Flows (Stora,Agliati,Cani,Neyret,Gascuel) GI'99, juin 1999
        skin, reflects and marks on a liver for a surgery simulator
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Raphaël Heiss, Franck Sénégas.
publi: Realistic rendering of an organ surface in real-time for laparoscopic surgery simulation (Neyret,Heiss,Sénégas) Visual Computer 2001
        bark textures
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Sylvain Lefebvre.
publi: Synthesizing Bark (Lefebvre, Neyret) EWR'02, June 2002.

dynamic texture synthesis
        cf fluid textures.
        cf animated natural textures.
        tour in the texture
participants: Matthieu Cunzi, Joëlle Thollot, Sylvain Paris, Gilles Debunne, Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Frédo Durand
publi: Dynamic Canvas for Immersive Non-Photorealistic Walkthroughs (Cunzi,Thollot,Paris,Debunne,Gascuel,Durand) GI'03, June 2003.

convenient interactive creation of textures
        expansion textures
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Jean Combaz.
publi: Painting Folds using Expansion Textures (Combaz, Neyret) PG'02, October 2002.
publi: Semi-interactive morphogenesis (Combaz, Neyret) SMI'06, juin 2006.
        texture trimming
participant: Fabrice Neyret.
publi: Trimmed Textures RR INRIA 2857, 1996

hardware-based smart texturing
        real time Perlin textures
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Antoine Miné.
publi: Perlin Textures in Real Time using OpenGL (Miné,Neyret) RR INRIA 3713, 1999
        virtual pattern textures (mapped)
        textures sprites / octree-textures (without distorsion)
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Sylvain Lefebvre.
publi: Pattern Based Procedural Textures (Lefebvre, Neyret) I3D'03, April 2003.
publi: Texture Sprites: Texture Elements Splatted on Surfaces (Lefebvre, Hornus, Neyret) I3D'05, April 2005.
publi: octree textures: see also GPU Gems 2

volumetric textures
        real time volumetric textures
participants: Fabrice Neyret, Alexandre Meyer, Franck Sénégas.
publi: Interactive Volumetric Textures (Meyer,Neyret) EWR'98, july 1998.
        volumetric textures
participant: Fabrice Neyret.
publi: GI'95, EWAS'95, EWR'96, PhD(06), TVCG'98, SIG'99, EGSR'04, ...

Annoted bookmarks

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This page aims at containing various information on texture models in computer graphics, either in real-time or ray-tracing. The first issue is to link on various interesting locations on the web concerning algorithms, authors, images, bibliography, and maybe some day a structured presentation of the topic.


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